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Strength Discovery is not a gym just focused on lifting big weights, power lifting, strongman, or sports specific strength. 

Strength Discovery is a facility that focuses on building one’s individual mental strength and toughness. Strength in one’s mind is more powerful then strength in physical ability, and strength in physical ability is relative and specific to each individual.

For example, a personal record for some athletes here maybe bench pressing 400 lbs. However, the person training next to them, might be focused on building up the strength to walk up a flight of stairs without assistance.

We cater to people that are mentally motivated and driven to reach their goals, no matter what their goals may be.

Strength Discovery has a family atmosphere, where all people here help to motivate and support everyone else’s goals. The people (athletes) at Strength Discovery understand the concept that strength comes in different forms and levels.

It is very common to walk through our doors and see a giant human lifting an insane amount of weight. Then two minutes later that same giant is walking over to “Mrs. Smith” who is 65 years old and just finished chemotherapy, and is cheering her on as she finds the strength to complete an unassisted body weight squat.

The general population of this facility, will keep an eye on all new members to make sure they are motivated and driven. If you are, you will be welcomed into our community no matter what your strength level is.

Strength Discovery is driven from inspiration and everyone here knows that inspiration comes in many different forms, sizes, and abilities.

The number one rule of the gym is “Motivated People Only” and it is number one for a reason.

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